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Taxiarches, Thessaloniki Ceremony

Taxiarches, Thessaloniki Ceremony

4 December 2015

Taxiarches, Thessaloniki

You have managed to find a very sacred site within your city. Most churches are built on particular ley lines within the Earth. Maybe Christianity thought it could wipe out paganism, but it was following paganism. Christianity was built upon the celebration of life which was paganism. Perhaps the religious leaders thought the humans were having too much fun. They were too immersed in the sensual pleasures of life and they needed to believe in suffering. So they created the mythological stories of the suffering on the cross and they tried to instill guilt. You know that sometimes you can feel guilty about enjoying your life. Particularly, if you are well off during these times of economic crisis in your country, there might be an element of guilt when you choose to satisfy your desires thinking about your fellow man that is suffering. So what …

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