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Mud baths, Laspoloutra

Mud baths, Laspoloutra

21 July 2019


We always come in with humor because the spirit is quite humorous; all your spirits have a good sense of humor. Whatever experiences you are having in your life whether dramatic or comical, if you can see the cosmic joke aspect of this situation, you lift yourself up. Most people believe that the spirit is higher than they are, in the sky or in the higher chakra system. That is why we say “it will lift you up”. When you are above things, you can see more clearly what is going on. That is not a bad place to reside. To rise above it all. Yesterday we worked on the hearts. You know that the times are changing, there is a new age approaching and this is an age of cooperation rather than the selfish approach to living/being. There will be more cooperation and community required. …

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