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Philipi ~ Delphinians Suggestions on Transformation of Greece

Philipi ~ Delphinians Suggestions on Transformation of Greece

19 July 2015


Let’s have a talk. You must realize by now that life is full of challenges and as a Greek citizen it is time to come together as one. It is time to remember the law of brotherhood. Each time you have a selfish thought “What about me? What is going to happen to me? What will I do? Me, me, me…” Pause for a moment, stop your thoughts, sit down on the Earth and say, “We shall unite.” This is the mantra we want you to all remember; even if you have no idea the why, how or what. Repeat, “We shall unite”. Go around the circle and say it “We shall unite.” We want you to believe it. There is power in numbers. You are in a difficult position as a nation, you must unite! What else can save you? Say it again and mean …

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Laspoloutra ~ Healing Mud Baths in Krinides, Kavala


18 July 2015

Close your eyes for a moment. Settle yourselves, feet flat on the ground and your hands in an open receptive manner. We are greeting each and every one of you. The stress level in your country accelerates and this has the tendency of taking you off the Earth; destroying your centers. We want to work on your centers so that you feel better. Life is an experience of feeling and no matter what is happening if you are feeling okay then you really have nothing to worry about.

It is all about feelings. So we want you to just feel today, see what you are feeling.

Many times the thoughts are responsible for the feelings. Whatever the emotion consider what you have been thinking. If you can will yourself to become one with the source, one with God, you might find that you do not feel …

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