Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Delphi Meditation Ceremony

Delphi Meditation Ceremony

21 April 2019


We greet you in your new forms. Yesterday was geared towards opening up space so you could each expand. This ultimately will bring more awareness of your personality. As you expand imagine that you your personality is standing in the center and as you grow you are able to take more distance as you view yourself so that you can see yourself more clearly. But also, as you are moving in a spiral you see yourself three dimensionally. If you are looking in a mirror you are not seeing the back of your body. You must turn around with another mirror in order to check yourself from behind. Moving in a spiral you have the potential to see all sides of yourself. That is the goal of life “know thyself”. Accepting the self allows you to know the self better. Many times a person will reject …

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