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About Love ~ God ~ Evolution ~ Virus (from Personal Reading)

About Love ~ God ~ Evolution ~ Virus (from Personal Reading)

30 August 2020

About Love ~ God ~ Evolution ~ Virus (from Personal Reading)

Truly it is a time to tune into a higher force or to tune into the depth of the love you feel for anyone or anything. Finally, love is the only answer. Always out of curiosity the child will get into some mischief and getting into mischief always brings the shadow side out. Should I lie or should I tell the truth about what I did…? It pushes out the self-exploration, the self-examination and that is what is important at the moment for everyone. Self-examination. Everything is on the surface at the moment; therefore it is easier. Even though life may appear to be more difficult, it is easier to know thyself. That is the yin yang of the circumstances at the moment. The duality of the experience. The more challenging on the outside, the more exposure of the depth that is on the inside. Seeking love. Look for love: any circumstance, any situation, look for the love and you will find it. Ultimately, each human being is created from a loving source, whether the creators at that moment are focused on that or not. It is love that draws people together to meet, merge and create and love that tears them apart.

What do you want to discuss today?

What is happening with the virus? I am concerned about masks in school and deeply concerned about the vaccine…Of course, you are projecting to the future and as you know when you project into the future, you bring the fear of the unknown along with you. The mind has the tendency to gather, this could happen, this is good, that is not good… The vaccine has not arrived yet. It is not a surety that it will be necessary, or successful or it will be enforced. This is where you stand at the moment. The unknown at the moment is will there be a vaccine? Will I have to vaccinate my child? You can’t go there yet. Of course, you don’t want him to have a vaccine, you don’t want him to be a branded sheep. There are a lot of others on your side of the fence and unity is the only way. To unite. If you feel very strongly about it you can start your own small revolution. Start a petition. Who does not want the vaccine or who is with me? As for the virus itself, this is also an unknown. It is something new and it is something unusual. Unfortunately, it is something man made. The humans create their own problems as you well know. There is a big problem now with this. The immune system of the typical unconscious human is not prepared for this stranger and therefore does not welcome the stranger and rejects the stranger. You are aware of the biblical ideas that welcome every stranger at your table it could be God, right? You feed the hobos that are walking because you never know what form or what costume God or the Son of God will wear when they come knocking at your door to check up on you to see if you are living by that rule “love thy neighbor.”

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