Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Kavala, Cross Ceremony

Close your eyes! Listen to the BELLS

As today  is Sunday and Sunday is away of  worship , , is it not? You came to the cross you made an  effort each of you to be here today in order to connect with the consciousness with  the Prince of Peace.

Yesterday we spoke about purity and today we’d just like to speak about peace..you know that with peace comes harmony, with peace comes an opportunity to collaborate effortlessly, with peace comes the opening of a path towards bliss and if you haven’t realized it yet this is your desire: bliss.  To  be One with All- with the creative force.

Now the Prince of Peace lights  the way, in a way, towards understanding. What does it require to be in harmony with God, to be somehow a son or a daughter of the Creator as a child of God, this means …

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Lagada Hot Springs

Lagada Hot Springs

LAKADA Oct 3, 2015

It is important to accept that there are no accidents. Even if there exists a small mass it has the potential to multiply, to spread.

We ask you all to close your eyes and imagine your place in the city, if you have a place in the city put yourself there with your consciousness. If there is another place that you visit intercity, your office perhaps , or a family home go there now. And now if you have clients  and you visit their homes, go there. So you are moving your consciousness around the city.   (Long pause)

We have said many times that the Earth absorbs the thoughts and the vibrations from the humans. Maybe she explodes in another position, or another place but the Earth is very receptive and absorbs. Any time that you are in the city seek to keep your thoughts purified. …

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