Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Lydia, Baptistery

You know this is a very famous Site…
also, for the matriarchal society… this is where the children were born and this is where the elders came to die… it was honorable to die consciously… it was honorable to give birth consciously…many women gave birth in the running water… there was a great deal of

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Thessaloniki, Open

Reclaim Your Roots
Not such a big group but big enough…
It’s your responsibility now to look after your city; how can you do that?
With your thoughts: you can bless the earth, you can be thankful for what you have and you can stop complaining, you can stop making excuses… This is one life,

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Aptera, Chania (Crete)

(very poor recording)
Certainly We greet each and every one of you…
When you make a decision, when you put your will behind sth, you have an opportunity to receive inspiration…
maybe the biggest difficulty for the human beings is that they think too much – you try to solve problems with your mind and

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