Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material


We greet many old friends here today – and some new ones…
We’re here for some energy adjustment, that’s why We enter into this environment; We’ve been busy all these years that We’ve been separated from you, old friends…
There’s a great deal of ground to be covered and also uncovered…

As you know many

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Amidst all this stress and strain of these changing times, one still has access to Joy… perhaps it’s a greater challenge, but it does exist, it is present….
None in this room has been present in war, but most of you have ancestors or relatives who have passed through that… If you know anyone,

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Athens (near Acropolis)

There’s a purpose for every journey…
You can’t count the hours spent in travel and compare one journey to another judging by how many hours were spent to arrive so it’s inappropriate to count how many hours We will be speaking when We bring this Channel to another location… We’re present whether We’re speaking or

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