Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Athens, Philopappou

We always enjoy small gatherings…
Because with a small group, the individuals have the tendency to focus on themselves; if they’re many persons, there’s a great deal of distraction…
Now you know that Life is about Knowing Yourself, to fill in the blanks; and most often, you use other people to do this: you

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If you can see that humans are beginning to scare like rats – and you know that most humans are afraid of rats…
Do you have any idea how afraid rats are of the humans?
It’s a type of mirroring that’s occurring these days and it’s the time to pay the piper as the saying

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Trip to Springs (Sidirokastro, Serres – Loutraki, Aridaia)

Sidirokastro Spring (morning)

This is an Operation that has been in preparation within all of your Fields – many more than even you would imagine… there are more than three of you (J., N., D.) who are involved in this; it’s a matter of time… 
as the necessity for service appears, the appropriate

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