Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material


Understand that each of you carries this Energy with you!
Into the energy form We enter in the neck area… and through the solar plexus, the center of the will power, is the way to come in association with the physical bodies…
And you can communicate with Us in many ways, there is not an obstacle…
It’s ok when you think it’s your imagination; We like you to use your imagination anyway!
It’s an error, a fallacy for the human to think that they are alone!
Each of you live in a body of thoughts: your own thoughts and of those around you, the thoughts that you’ve had historically… also, the fantasies and the dreams that you have for the future!
Who wants to talk about dreams for the future?
 (K.) I want to be able to live in the moment freeing myself

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Life, like any other subject, is not completely understood until it’s over!
This means that many passages, illnesses, relations are not, fully, comprehended, digested until you finish the circle of life…
Some clouds obscure all of the sun, you know, all of the beings of the sun, all of the sunshine when others, partially, obscure the light…
This is why the theme of Acceptance and Forgiveness are so major for any evolving spirit! At some point there are no questions – you, simply, accept life, you, simply, accept the meal that is being served, eat what you like or what you choose and leave the rest without any comment or any discussion of ‘why we are eating this today’, ‘What are the ingredients’ etc…
This is for energetic adjustments: this is why We are present! 
Everything else We can discuss but We can’t, really, fix anything

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