Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

There is one life as yourself but you are part of a family
that has many lives and it is not your blood family
from this life but a spirit family;

You don’t have to go into the boxing ring and fight with anything in life.
Stay out and be a Spectator,
“You can even be a spectator of your own fights that you want to have.

— Delphinians

This is life; to surrender one’s will to the will of God during times of difficulty. It is the strongest affirmation that one can use “Thy will be done”. Turn to God.”

“The challenge is to remain in the flow towards the Light. This is about awareness. Know thyself and accept thyself when you step off your path it is only temporary, you cannot really escape any longer from the flow…”

— Delphinians

Relationships form because one wants to explore himself. The illusion is that the one person is exploring the other. It appears that you want to know something about the other in the beginning. You use the relationship to learn something about yourself. The soul is the largest part of the self to explore.

“We’ve said that the human being is the one who brings the spirit to the earth… one reason that the Ancient Greece and the Ancient Greeks are so popular is because of their relationship with the Spirit or their relationship with the Unknown or their relationship with the God…

“Understand that life is full of challenges for everyone. This is the nature of life. This is the condition of every human. Life is a creative challenge and this is why each of you has chosen life – for the challenges!”

— Delphinians

“We do not come here to take power away from anyone. We come here to remind you of your own power so you get stronger. We are not trying to lead anyone anywhere, only toward their own centers. In this way you know yourself. That is the best thing that you can do is know yourself.”

— Delphinians

This is the wave of the future,
the feminine consciousness that is rising up inside of everyone, inside the mass of humanity.

There is a female goddess, let’s say,
that is rising up out of the ground and begins to affect men and women.

“Life is for gathering wisdom. The journey of life is for gathering wisdom.”

— Delphinians

“You need not do anything but be aware. Awareness is the key. One must always walk in the path of awareness and self discovery.”

— Delphinians
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