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Philipi ~ Delphinians Suggestions on Transformation of Greece

Philipi ~ Delphinians Suggestions on Transformation of Greece


19 July 2015


Some advice how to get through the difficult times:

1st   Mantra- “We shall unite.”


2nd  When you wake up in the morning take a notepad and pencil and write 10 things that you are grateful for in your life. Be creative: that you have water to drink, that you live near the sea, that you remember your name…You can really go far with your imagination and gratefulness.


3rd  Before you go to bed at night pray to your God -whoever that may be- the Great Spirit, pray to “all that there is”, to Zeus, you might even pray to Alexander the Great…Pray for forgiveness before you go to sleep at night. You might have some issues that come to your mind, but you do not need to know the reason. Just pray for forgiveness.  Pray that the Christ energy (a condition of consciousness) be with everyone you know. Go through the list of people you have in your mind, especially those that give you trouble.

Send your blessings to the children that are present.  They are the ones that will inherit the world when you leave it behind.


4th  As you go through your day, whenever you have fearful thoughts or disturbances about the condition of your country, take a moment to close your eyes and exhale that energy back into the Great Mother Earth.  Just have the intention to take those thoughts out of your head and drain them out of your feet into the Earth mother.

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